A poem by Piers the Poet

My friends,
How could I use platitudes to talk of you?
This is for 2 beautiful people,
Who were blindsided by the sudden beauty of each other,
Rushing out to meet them on some idle New Year’s Day, Smiling and soft.
You were brittle in the morning light
Cushioned in each other’s company
And imagining there was somebody out there for your friend.
What a feeling, to realise that person was you.
It takes immense strength to pivot a friendship,
Lock eyes and lips and hearts together,
And fight the fear of falling, of failing and fall quicker,
blissful and ecstatic into love.
No, there are no participation trophies in love

Cliched marriage poetry is wise sometimes- it talks of the importance of
Trust and hope
Growth and stability
Patience and forgiveness

But what do we want to become?
a marriage isn’t the end of the journey,
A marriage is merely the blending of your streets together,
That whatever the destination
you know who you want to be there with.

My friends,
We’ve been so many people since we met,
You were both wrangling with a past of travel, picking up pieces of broken plans
yearning for more.
you’ve stitched your frayed edges together,
softened each other’s scarred hearts and filled them far more than you could have ever expected.
They grow daily.
You say your love now feels endless, as the more you give to friends and family alike- the more you have to give.
You have swapped skills and shared passions, caring
lost in the intricate details,
enamoured by the colour between the leaves,
The crisp quiet of each other’s company,
Or dancing wildly at tribe of fog,
or dancing in those hazy rooms and half light,
Or dancing in the lounge with Bernie looking quizzically up at these two strange giggling things making a beauty of their own.

My favourite moments with you have been
glittery and beaming
When Ad smiles and al smiles and nothing else matters.
And what a Snapshot of a moment to live in!

After all the kisses on bridges,
The snoring and snorting awake
The Space and solitude and solace
There came a yew tree proposal,
discussing lichen and your lives together.
You unwrapped yourselves, tender and pink, to interweave, and grow tall together
As you stand (sit) here, both beautiful in the light
Tattooed with ziggurats and each other’s growing beating hearts,
I trust you will love until you’re both wrinkled and wise,
and That your streets will continue to blend together beautifully,
As you, hand in hand wander into the future.
And as your hearts grow unfathomably huge.